Tinder dating site is the new mobile application for socializing. With over 750 million users it has one of the highest growth rates in the App store. But why?

What is Tinder?

Tinder success (over 200 000 daily downloads, according to recent estimates) lies within its simplicity that appeals especially to those called Generation Y (25-35 years). The mobile application Tinder dating site currently is a huge success, with over 200k downloads per day and the highest growth rate in the App store. Since the launch of the application is about 100 million profiles that are visited daily in the world, for a total approaching 13 billion visits … It’s huge. But beyond this undeniable success, as revealed Tinder our lifestyles and about ourselves?

No need to pay to register. You connect directly through your Facebook account. Tinder will draw a few profile pictures, and information about the pages you like. Depending on the app offers pictures of other users profiles. If you like, you tap the Like button. Otherwise, you go to the next. The “speed-dating” at the time of the smartphone and zapping.

If the person likes your profile in return, there is that Tinder called “match”. That is to say? You gain the ability to see more information about their profile and your Facebook friends in common, and especially the ability to send personal messages.


Tinder dating site is different:

On Tinder, almost everything is based on the photo. You have no additional information on the person. It’s like flipping through a photo album to find someone you like. A somewhat superficial approach to online dating, but that is clearly what makes Tinder a success.

Where Tinder is different again is offering a geolocation service (via GPS). Basically, the profiles that are on offer are those people who live near you.

Features that deceive women more than other dating services. And that would allow Tinder, according to its founders, to approach the 45% of users.


Tinder dating site, a social network :

Contrary to what some users think, Tinder is not an online dating platform. This is primarily a social network in itself.

Tinder dating site, is a social network where users have the opportunity to get in touch with other members, based mainly on their location. As an indication, Tinder generates about 6 million letters per day worldwide.

Tinder is not an online dating platform, nor a “Hookup” application to find a one night stand. If there is indeed a social platform for meetings, its use is simply diversified to such an extent that its designers have made sure that Tinder is used for different reasons, other than dating.

How It Works:
Tinder lets look at the profiles of singles who are in the same area as you. Users can write directly if they reported being interested one by the other.

The profiles, which are related to Facebook, appear four to five pictures of people, their friends and Facebook pages “beloved” in common. This says little about someone, but facilitates meetings, according to Olivier, who met his wife through Tinder.

How to use the Tinder application?

To use Tinder, we must first create a profile with a photo and a name. Note that on Tinder, photography plays a key role as users rely on it to select contacts. Thus, studying the different profiles of the interface, including those located near the place of location, a user will have to click the “Like” button to appear. If another “like” is received back, it will make contact, exchange messages and schedule a meeting.

Download Tinder app:

Tinder is an application available on the App Store and Google Play.  You can use the app with any Android device and most iOS Phones. You can download Tinder for free and use it to meet locals when you travel, and make new friends anywhere.

How to find a partner on Tinder dating site?

To find a partner via Tinder, we must first identify with their Facebook account. The user will then form their profile by posting a maximum of five photographs and writing a sentence that describes it. Then, he can see all the profiles of other members of the opposite sex by scrolling on the screen.

To move to the next profile must click the “Like” or “I do not like.” If two people click “like” each other, applying them immediately contact; they will then discuss via chat. Once the two are connected, the application uses their locations to determine the distance between them, their mutual friends or joint groups to which they belong.

Meeting in real life:

Tinder can also be associated with other applications that allow you to schedule the meeting between the two contacts. For example, if the two singles wishing to meet in the evening, either to watch a movie or enjoy a coffee together, they can use the app Movie Night Out. Relying on the location of the two contacts, the app shows where they can meet. The application “Better Half” in turn synchronizes the calendars of the two users to find the perfect time for a meeting.

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